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Guide to Massage and SPA in Mallorca

Mallorca has everything you could wish for. Clean water, beautiful views and wonderful massages and SPA’s opening every season! Mallorca massages & SPA’s have a huge variety and exciting concepts. Welcome to Mallorca is your guide to Mallorca Massages & SPA’s

Massage Mallorca

Pearl of Asia Massage

Pearl of Asia Massage Pearl of Asia is your massage center in Mallorca, is an encounter with the world of sensation and perception. Hearing, taste, smell, touch and sight. A place where time goes...

Massage Mallorca

Sabai Jai Massage Center

Sabai Jai Massage Mallorca Sabai Jai Massage Center is a city center haven of relaxation for people who are living a hectic stressful life in Palma de Mallorca. As soon as you enter the...

Massage Mallorca

Chinese Healthy Massage

Chinese Healthy Massage in Mallorca In our Massage Parlor you can choose from a wide variety of therapy oriental massage, each of these massage is indicated for a specific purpose to help us improve...

Massage Mallorca

TAO Massage Palma de Mallorca

TAO Massage Palma de Mallorca Our center is a place for both women and men enjoy their Health, Beauty and Wellness in the hands of specialists. We want every service to be an enjoyable...

Massage Mallorca

Namaste Massage

Namaste Massage in Mallorca a place to dream, relax and enjoy a place to let go be yourself a place, quiet, convenient, comfortable and decorated to the last detail fully equipped with FUTON. LUXURY...

Massage Mallorca

Lotus SPA Massage

Lotus SPA Mallorca offers several techniques of massage for gentlemen, women and couples. They offer therapeutic, sensual as well as trantra massages in an unique enviroment of luxury and sensuality. WAYANG SILKEN SKIN MASSAGE A...